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Licensed to drive — how do I do it?

Section overview

Getting a driver licence is often seen as an important milestone or rite of passage for young adults. The process of obtaining a driver licence is explored in this unit and students will have the opportunity to gain proficiency in the practical tasks required to obtaining a licence.

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Teacher information

The young driver licensing laws, introduced July 1 2007, have changed the rules for obtaining, holding and gaining an open licence for young drivers under 25.

Some students may be unsure how to obtain their learner or P1P2 provisional licence, what to expect upon arrival at the place where their licence will be issued and what specific requirements and conditions apply to the type of licence they hold.

The getting a licence section of this website details all the requirements on how to:

Learner licence application forms (F3000) are available online, from a Department of Transport and Main Roads customer service centre or your local licence issuing police station.

Your keys to driving in Queensland is available to view and download or you can purchase copies from newsagents and Transport and Main Roads customer service centres. You can also buy it online. Some school libraries also hold this booklet.

Your keys to driving in Queensland is also available for purchase on a series of audio tapes for people with a disability. If you are interested in purchasing a set please contact the Queensland Narrating Service* on 07-3324 0004a.

RACQ's Free2Go

RACQ's Free2Go is a youth program offering free membership to year 12 students and 17 year olds in Queensland. For more information visit*. For those 18 or over, visit* for roadside assistance and motoring club membership.

Activity 1

Students, could undertake a KWL about the process of getting a learner licence. That is, using a KWL (Know—Want—Learn) Table, students identify what they know about getting a licence and what they want to know about getting a licence. At the end of the section students complete the final column in the table by reflecting upon what they have learned about getting a learner licence.

Activity 2 

Students should practice filling in the application form (F3000).

Activity 3 

Students practice the road rules test.

Activity 4 

Students discuss the implications of unlicensed driving for themselves and other road users. They use their knowledge about the learner licence process to substantiate their arguments.

Activity 5 

Students investigate the range of licences available, the different conditions and restrictions attached to each and the different processes involved in obtaining each of these licences.

Activity 6 

Students discuss the following questions:

  • How does the process of getting a driver licence compare to the process of getting a pilot licence, train driver licence or heavy vehicle licence?
  • Do you think the processes should be different? Why/why not?

Activity 7

Students to investigate RACQ's free2go* youth website.

*The content found by using this link is not created, controlled or approved by this department. No responsibility is taken for the consequences of viewing content on this site. 
aHigher rates apply from mobile phones and payphones. If calling outside of Queensland, STD rates will apply.

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25 October 2018