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Safe towing

An image of vehicles towing caravans. Towing is very different from everyday driving – it requires additional driving skills and safety precautions.

As a driver, you have a legal responsibility to drive to suit the conditions. This also applies when you are towing a trailer or caravan. Also, the towing vehicle, trailer and its load must meet all legal and safety requirements.

A rear plate on a vehicle is allowed to be obscured if it is towing another registered vehicle or trailer that has its number plate(s) displayed.

The safe towing guide provides information about how to ensure the vehicle and trailer are correctly equipped and how to drive a vehicle and trailer combination safely.

"A" frame towing

"A" frame towing refers to towing a motor vehicle with all its wheels on the road and is connected to the towbar of the towing vehicle by a triangular shaped frame.

The "A" frame towing guide provides information on how to safely undertake "A" frame towing of a motor vehicle with a Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) of up to 4.5 tonne in Queensland.

Note: These guides relate to Queensland regulations. The object of the relevant Queensland regulations is to provide road rules that are generally consistent with road rules elsewhere in Australia. If travelling outside Queensland, check the relevant legislation of that state or territory.

Last updated
28 September 2018