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Hook turn storage boxes: a first for cyclists on Queensland roads

With the department's commitment to improving safety and achieving a high standard of cycling facilities, new on road "hook turn storage boxes" were installed at the Mulgrave Road – Severin Street intersection in Cairns. These were the first in the state to be installed on our road network and the department will continue to promote their installation on future intersection upgrades where possible.

What is a hook turn?

hook turn

Cyclists are legally able to make a right turn at intersections by keeping to the left of the road, unless a "no hook turn by bicycles" sign is displayed. The way to do a hook turn depends on whether or not the intersection is controlled by traffic lights.

If the intersection does not have traffic lights:

  • Keeping to the far left side of the road, move forward through the intersection.
  • After moving directly across the intersection and keeping to the left side, pause and give way to drivers moving through the intersection.
  • When the road is clear, then move forward across the road.

If the intersection is controlled by traffic lights:

  • Move forward through the intersection from the bicycle lane on a 'green' light. Stop in the box in the opposite corner — turn right (in the direction of the marked arrow). If there is no linemarking for hook turns, cyclists should stop where they are clear of traffic.
  • When the light turns green, move forward through the intersection into the bicycle lane ahead.

Where possible, future intersection upgrades will include linemarking to reinforce the hook turn movement; however, cyclists can perform this movement at intersections without this linemarking.

Please open the hook turns document for instructions and a diagram detailing how to make a hook turn at traffic lights.

To view a short video on the procedure to follow when making a hook turn, open the below file with Windows Media Player.

What is a hook turn storage box?

Hook turn box image

It is an area line marked on the road within a multi-laned signalised intersection showing a cyclist where to position themselves to do a "hook turn".

What about motorists?

When stopped at traffic lights where "hook turn" storage boxes have been installed cyclists will be positioned in front of queued traffic. When the light turns green motorists will need to be aware of cyclists in front of them when moving through the intersection.

Last updated
26 June 2018