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Signage resources

Warrants and guidelines for roadside signage

Sign standards, guidelines and warrants are reviewed periodically and are subject to change.

The Department of Transport and Main Roads' documents related to roadside signage design and installation include:

  • Manual of uniform traffic control devices (MUTCD) 
    The MUTCD outlines the design and application arrangements for traffic signs, signals and markings installed on a road.
  • Design guide for roadside signs 
    This manual sets out guidelines for the design and erection of roadside signs. It covers all aspects of the signface support systems including the sign backing and stiffeners, support structures and clear zone considerations.
  • Traffic and road use management manual (TRUM) 
    The TRUM manual outlines recent developments in traffic and road use management practice. It includes informative documents that present new material, devices or recent research in the subject areas of traffic and road use management.
  • Traffic control (TC) signs 
    TC signs are a collection of non-standard traffic signs that have been "officially approved". These signs have been designed for specialised use and designed to comply with the guidelines set out in the TRUM manual and the MUTCD.
  • Standard drawings roads manual 
    These drawings include a number of design layouts that relate to traffic signs and supports.
  • Transport and Main Roads specifications and technical standards manual
    Specifications that apply to the supply and construction of roadside furniture (including roadside signage) are included in this manual.

Transport and Main Roads' software related to roadside signage design and installation includes:

Content specific areas of interest

Service and tourist signs

The following documents provide guidance on the installation of service and/or tourist type signage:

Signs for school zones

For school zone signage requirements, refer to the Transport and Main Roads document School environment safety guidelines. The school environment safety guidelines aim to reduce the number of school transport-related crashes by strengthening the tools school communities use when planning school road safety infrastructure and support. The guidelines bring together the current safe school travel program with technical guidance to present a holistic school road safety solution for school communities.

Roadworks signage

The main requirements for signage at roadwork sites are defined in the following references:

Signs for wildlife

Transport and Main Roads is developing a Wildlife signage guideline to be included in the TRUM manual. This guideline will include installation requirements and warrants for all wildlife-related signage and linemarking.

Roadside advertising

All forms of advertising that may be visible to road users are managed through the application of our Guide to the management of roadside advertising.

The guide to the management of roadside advertising assists the Department of Transport and Main Roads and local governments to evaluate proposals for roadside advertising within and beyond the boundaries of state-controlled roads to ensure the advertising meets road safety and traffic operation objectives. The guide also provides information, considerations and criteria to potential advertisers.

Last updated
27 August 2018