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Department of Transport and Main Roads


Industry partners

We have formed alliances with many organisations and companies as we continue to provide and maintain a safe and efficient road network.

ARRB Group Ltd

ARRB Group is the leading Australian provider of value added research and technical services addressing transport problems. ARRB Group is owned collectively by Australia's state, national and local government road authorities and has a national and international reputation for excellence in transport and infrastructure solutions through research, technical services, leading-edge products and technology transfer. Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads has a long standing relationship with the ARRB Group and supports its initiatives.

For more information:

ARRB Agreement Media Release

National Asset Centre of Excellence

A joint initiative of the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads and ARRB Group (ARRB), the National Asset Centre of Excellence (NACOE) provides a vehicle for building professional capability and achieving savings in total road expenditure through strategically targeted research.

The research program covers four key discipline areas:

  • Pavements
  • Asset Management
  • Structures
  • Other, comprising:
    • Network Operations
    • Road Safety
    • Heavy Vehicle Management
    • Sustainability

To find out more about the TMR-ARRB research program, please visit NACOE website.

Australian Asphalt Pavement Association

In December 2001, Main Roads formed an alliance with the Queensland Branch of the Australian Asphalt Pavement Association (AAPA). This was one of the first alliances between a road authority and an industry association.

The AAPA promotes the economic use of asphalt and bitumen-bound products. Members of the AAPA include state road authorities, local governments, consultants, suppliers, manufacturers, contractors and interested individuals.

The Strategic Alliance Reference Group report and presentations are on the AAPA website.

Last updated 04 August 2022