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Department of Transport and Main Roads

Remote Areas Consultative Group

The Remote Areas Consultative Group (RACG) was established in 2004, and consults on issues within the very remote areas of Australia.

The group consists of representatives from road authorities, national bodies, and the transport heavy vehicle industry in Queensland, Northern Territory, South Australia, and Western Australia.

View a list of organisation members below.


The RACG provides:

  • a platform for remote area operators and senior agency officers to exchange information and views on inter-jurisdictional barriers to effective cross-border road transport operations. The group recommend solutions to problems
  • a forum for consultation between jurisdictional, industry, and national members on various road transport issues relating to remote areas, including proposed reforms
  • an avenue for remote area operators and senior agency officers to recommend on remote areas transport issues to the Infrastructure and Transport Senior Officials’ Committee (ITSOC) and the Infrastructure and Transport Ministers’ Meeting (ITMM) through their respective jurisdictional chief executives.

Hosting sequence

A jurisdiction hosts the group for 2 years. The agreed hosting sequence is listed in the table below. Queensland is the hosting state for the 2023–2024 rotation.

Host jurisdiction Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
Western Australia 2004–2006 2012–2014 2021–2022
Queensland 2006–2008 2014–2016 2023–2024
Northern Territory 2008–2010 2016–2018 2025–2026
South Australia 2010–2012 2019–2020 2027–2028

Principal objectives

  • Identify and resolve, through consultation, inter-jurisdictional barriers to effective operations for road transport in remote areas, where possible, including cross border issues.
  • Advise the Transport and Infrastructure Senior Officials' Committee, through the respective jurisdictional chief executives, on priority reforms for remote areas and provide views from a remote area perspective on national reform proposals.

Organisation members


  • Queensland Government Department of Transport & Main Roads
  • Livestock and Rural Transporters Association of Queensland
  • Queensland Trucking Association

South Australia

  • Government of South Australia Department for Infrastructure and Transport
  • Livestock and Rural Transporters Association of South Australia
  • South Australian Road Transport Association

Northern Territory

  • Northern Territory Government Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics
  • Northern Territory Road Transport Association

Western Australia

  • Main Roads Western Australia
  • Livestock and Rural Transport Association of Western Australia
  • Western Roads Federation

National Bodies

  • National Transport Commission
  • National Heavy Vehicle Regulator
  • National Road Transport Association
  • Australian Road Research Board
  • Truck Industry Council


  • Australian Government Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications
  • Transport for New South Wales
  • Austroads Freight Taskforce Program


Remote Areas Consultative Group Terms of Reference.

Remote Areas Consultative Group Communiqués

Communiqués provide general information after each meeting. Find the communiqués available online below.






RACG Communiqué – May 2022



RACG Communiqué – November 2021

RACG Communiqué – June 2021



RACQ Communiqué – December 2020

RACQ Communiqué – August 2020

RACQ Communiqué – May 2020



RACQ Communiqué – November 2019

RACG Communiqué – July 2019



RACG Communiqué – June 2018



RACQ Communiqué – December 2017

RACQ Communiqué – March 2017



RACQ Communiqué – July 2016



RACQ Communiqué – November 2015

RACQ Communiqué – May 2015



RACQ Communiqué – December 2014

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