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TMR SAP Ariba Frequently Asked Questions

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About SAP Ariba

  • Q. Is there a cost for suppliers?

    A. No. Suppliers will be working for the Queensland Government, the largest employer in the state. There is no cost for suppliers to register or transact with us through the Ariba Network.

  • Q. Why are we implementing SAP Ariba?

    A. We received feedback from our team members and suppliers that highlighted our procurement processes were too complex, difficult to follow and weighed down by red tape. We also realised that to meet our growing procurement demands, we need to standardise and streamline our existing system and processes. SAP Ariba will introduce the technology we need to realise these opportunities and better enable our people in their day-to-day purchasing activities.

  • Q. What are some of the benefits of moving to SAP Ariba?

    A. Our program offers you:

    • Timely payments through a secured platform.
    • Real-time tracking of the status of Purchase Orders (POs) / receive POs / confirm POs / request PO changes
    • Submit invoices and receive invoice status updates
    • Use of online catalogues
    • Greater access to new business opportunities.
  • Q. Can we continue to trade with you if we do not want to move to the Ariba Network?

    A. Yes. While moving to the Ariba Network will eventually become the primary platform when trading with us, it will not be mandatory under current arrangements.

    The success of this transformation is one of our top priorities for the benefit of our people, suppliers and wider organisation. We are committed to working in partnership with you to make this transition as seamless as possible, and hope that you will work with us to streamline our procurement processes. Our team are more than happy to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about what this transition might mean for you. 

  • QTerms and Conditions of using the Ariba network

    A. Unplanned Facilities Maintenance suppliers only
    As a supplier using the online services of the Ariba Network, your use will be subject to both the Solution terms for the online services you use, plus the General Terms applicable to all solutions. Email f you have further questions about the new Terms & Conditions.


  • Q. Which suppliers will be transitioned to the SAP Ariba Network?

    A. Suppliers to be transitioned are Dry Hire and PPE suppliers who have a current Standing Offer Arrangement with the Department of Transport and Main Roads and also Unplanned Facilities Maintenance suppliers that have had contact with our Corporate Facilities branch in the past 12 months. 

  • Q. When will this change take effect?

    A. Suppliers have been progressively onboarded to SAP Ariba since April 2022. 

  • Q. How do I join the Ariba Network?

    A. We will invite relevant suppliers to register on the Ariba Network via an email triggered from the system. The email will contain a link to a registration form requiring you to provide some details about your organisation. Once you have registered, you should wait for a Purchase Order to be issued to your company before you begin any work.

  • Q. I already have an existing Ariba Network account. Do I need to register again?

    A. Suppliers who already have an Ariba account have the option of linking their existing Ariba Network ID with us during the Ariba registration process by using the existing login details.
    In the case of where you would like to have a separate dedicated account to transact with us, you can setup a new account by completing the registration.

  • Q. What are the software requirements to access Ariba system?

    A. SAP Ariba cloud solutions are accessed via web browsers such as Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge etc. 
    View a complete list of supported browsers

  • Q. I was successfully enrolled, now what do I do?

    A. Once you are successfully enrolled, you should wait for a Purchase Order to be issued to your company before you begin any work.

Last updated
28 July 2022