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TLI Connect

The TLI (Transport and Logistics Industry) Connect team within the department assists employers through government and industry partnerships, to retain existing employees, attract new employees and identify skilling opportunities.

TLI Connect is guided by the Transport and Logistics Workforce Advisory Committee (TLWAC), a group of representatives from industry associations, industry organisations and the department.

The transport and logistics industry is a key enabler to the growth of Queensland’s economy. It supports the movement of people and freight, underpinning the state’s economic growth.

We recognise that working with, listening to and supporting people in industry is vital, as an available, highly-skilled workforce is essential to deliver on Queensland’s transport potential.

Queensland Transport and Logistics Workforce Strategy and Action Plan 2021–2024

The Queensland Transport and Logistics Workforce Strategy and Action Plan 2021–2024 aims to ensure a skilled, sustainable and supported workforce into the future.  

Queensland Transport and Logistics Workforce Strategy and Action Plan 2021–2024  

Informed by the workforce challenges identified in the Queensland Transport and Logistics Workforce Current and Future Trends Report, 9 key strategy areas were determined by TLWAC as being the highest priority for industry over the next 5 years:

Queensland Transport and Logistics Workforce_Strategy and Action Plan 2021-2024
  • Strategy 1: Promoting the attractiveness of the transport and logistics industry
  • Strategy 2: Education and training reflecting changing capability needs
  • Strategy 3: Addressing the ageing workforce
  • Strategy 4: Improving the gender composition
  • Strategy 5: Growing the labour market for the logistics industry
  • Strategy 6: Ensuring a sustainable road transport workforce
  • Strategy 7: Publishing Queensland transport and logistics industry workforce data
  • Strategy 8: Transition planning for sectors impacted by digital disruption and automation
  • Strategy 9: Re-training packages for those in declining occupations

TLI Connect and TLWAC will work with industry operators, industry associations and other government organisations to deliver on these strategies. 

To find out how you can be involved, please contact us.

Queensland Transport and Logistics Workforce Current and Future Trends Report

This report identifies the key current and emerging trends which are impacting the transport and logistics industry workforce across Queensland.

Key workforce trends: Transport and Logistics - All Sectors

The following documents are summaries of the report.

Select a specific sector :

People Plus toolkit

People Plus Toolkit front pageWe have created People Plus to make it easier for you to implement human resource policies and procedures within your transport and logistics business. There are a number of word document templates you can use.

Fact sheets

Case studies

Work Inspiration video

The Transport and Logistics Work Inspiration highlights the breadth of opportunities available in the Transport, Logistics and Supply Chain Industry.

Over 3 days, students experienced the industry in action as they followed the supply chain from the port to the pocket.

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26 July 2021