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Workforce resources for employers

Workforce resources for employers

Transfutures internships

Are you eager to attract to new people or ideas to your business?

Have you identified a specific project or task you would like to progress?

Hosting an intern is an excellent opportunity to showcase your business and to benefit from the input and ideas of emerging talent.

Learn more

Funding available

A current list of funding available for qualifications, business growth and employment, for employers and employees.

 People Plus toolkit

We have created People Plus to make it easier for you to implement human resource policies and procedures within your transport and logistics business.

Word document templates of the forms, checklists and policies featured in the toolkit can be downloaded and tailored to your business.

 Careers in transport and logistics

This careers flyer is a one-page snapshot of transport and logistics and highlights a range of entry level and professional roles in demand across the industry.

 Choosing a Registered Training Organisation

It is a big decision when choosing a Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

Use this quick guide to help you select an RTO that is right for your business.

 How to connect with schools

Connecting with schools is a great way to reach young people who could join your future workforce.

You can make a difference through activities like speaking to students about the industry, attending community and school events, or helping careers staff to show students what certain roles look like in the real world.

Why not call your local school today? A great place to start is to speak with your local school's guidance officers or careers staff.

 Case studies

Read about successful workforce initiatives adopted by transport and logistics businesses.

 Workforce Current and Future Trends Reports

This report identifies the key current and emerging trends impacting the transport and logistics industry workforce across Queensland.

Download the Queensland Transport and Logistics Workforce Current and Future Trends Report

Useful summary documents

Last updated
09 September 2022