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Assessing routes for multi-combination vehicles

Assessing state-controlled roads

The Route assessment guidelines for multi-combination vehicles in Queensland have been prepared to assist our officers in assessing the suitability of state-controlled roads proposed for the operation of Multi-Combination Vehicles (MCVs) such as B-Double and road train combinations.

The guideline should be used to assist in exercising engineering judgment, rather than strict technical benchmarks. They are intended to assist assessors in ensuring that the major relevant factors have been considered in the route assessment process. Where quantitative limits are recommended, they are intended as a guide only and are no substitute for common sense and judgment based on local knowledge and past experience.

The information has been obtained from various internal and external sources and incorporates the latest reference material available. However, these guidelines will be subject to on-going review and users can therefore expect the information to change as and when further research, and standards are developed and become available.

Where the heavy vehicle route intersects with an asset owned by another stakeholder, consultation should occur with the asset owner. For example, when the road intersects with a railway level crossing, the appropriate railway owner should be consulted. Consultation should also occur with local police where appropriate.

It is essential that routes for the operation of these vehicles be selected so as to minimise risk to other road users and property whilst facilitating efficient freight movement.

The guidelines will only apply to new route assessments. MCV routes, which have been approved prior to 30 June 2007 and continue to perform satisfactorily, will not be subject to these guidelines. This document may also assist in the upgrading of roads to a suitable standard for future MCV access.

What about local government roads?

A guideline for assessing the suitability of local government roads was published by the National Transport Commission in December 2002. The document titled Guidelines for assessing the suitability of heavy vehicles on local roads is available from the National Transport Commission website.

The Austroads Freight Program is undertaking the project "Local Government and the Future Freight Task". The aim of this project is to develop Guidelines for the assessment of heavy vehicle access on local government roads which will assist councils when making decisions regarding access.

The guidelines, currently in draft form, will improve the level of understanding, provide information to assist staff with the process, and improve the level of consistency and transparency in decision-making across Australia.

Last updated
08 July 2019