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Higher mass limits maps

On occasion, roads can be closed or have their access conditions changed. The following maps need to be used in conjunction with the traffic and travel information on the QLDTraffic website to ensure you have the most up-to-date road access information.

Higher mass limit vehicles may operate in Queensland on the following routes:

Queensland's higher mass limits maps do not illustrate the type of vehicle that applies to each route. Operators must ensure that the higher mass limits route is approved for their particular vehicle combination, for example, higher mass limits road trains can only operate on higher mass limits approved road train routes. Operators of multi-combination vehicles are able to confirm regulation mass routes by referring to the multi-combination routes in Queensland. Once the regulation mass route is confirmed for the particular vehicle, the route can then be determined as higher mass limits approved by checking whether the route is identified on the higher mass limits maps.

Last updated
18 October 2018