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Comparative overview of project and program management

Scope Projects have defined objectives. Scope is progressively detailed throughout the first two phases of the project life cycle. Programs determine project objectives, broad scope and desired benefits.
Change Project managers implement processes to keep project change managed and controlled. Program managers may control program change by altering project scope, varying commencement dates and/ or directing the rate of project progress.
Planning Project managers develop progressively more detailed plans throughout the project life cycle. Program managers develop the program plan and may later need to adjust this to meet planned targets.
Management Project managers manage the project team to meet the project objectives. Program managers manage the program staff and the project managers, providing vision and overall leadership.
Success Success is measured by product and project quality, timeliness, budget compliance, and degree of customer satisfaction. Success is measured by the degree to which the program satisfies the needs and benefits for which it was undertaken.
Monitoring Project managers monitor and control the work of producing the project's products, services or results. Program managers monitor project progress to ensure the overall goals, schedules, budget, and benefits of the program will be met.
Last updated
31 January 2018