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Department of Transport and Main Roads

Approval Process

The OnQ project management templates are intended to:

  • ensure that accountable officers are provided with the information they need to make informed decisions at key points in the project, sometimes referred to as gates
  • provide a documented record of decisions made and the information on which they were based
  • focus project teams on future activities and remind them of the business intent of the project and decisions made previously.

The templates require completion, review, endorsement and approval, as indicated on the template endorsement and approvals page. These approvals are shown for all templates in the Templates Approvals Matrix.

In cases where Australian Government funding is involved, an Australian Government business case will need to be used, and material for this will be copied and pasted from the OnQ template.

Refer also to roles and responsibilities for a detailed description of project roles.

Large infrastructure projects in the department are also subject to the TMR approvals / Project Assurance Framework (PAF) gating process. The correspondence between these gates, the OnQ process flow and the contract management process is shown in the table below.

Department approval Gate No Description Corresponding OnQ Template Corresponding Contract Management Process
1 Approval of Strategic Assessment of Service Requirement Proposal
2 Approval of Preliminary Evaluation of Solution Options Options Analysis
3 Approval of Business Case for Preferred Solution Business Case
4 Approval of Procurement Strategy/ EOIs EOIs
5 Approval of Preferred Supplier/ Proponent Issue Tender & evaluate
6 Endorsement of Project Closing & Post Implementation Review Completion Report
Post Implementation Report
Last updated 07 May 2020