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Transport and Main Roads AutoCAD customisation

Please note: Under the Transport and Main Roads (TMR) Major Account agreement with Autodesk, we are only able to gain support for 4 versions of AutoCAD at a time (Current version minus 3). The .NET architectures in AutoCAD allow us to use the same code across slightly more versions as indicated by the download files below.

The current version rolled out for TMR use is Autodesk Map 3D 2015.

Important: CADD Systems has made efforts to accommodate AutoCAD and AutoCAD Map 3D. AutoCAD Civil 3D is accommodated only to the extent that the same customisation content is made available. The versions are separately identified as they have slightly different profile requirements. No other vertical AutoCAD products are supported by the TMR_Configure_ACAD tool.

The customisation will not function with AutoCAD LT. AutoCAD LT has severe restrictions on the level of customisation that can be performed. It may be possible to configure some of the components for use based on information in the ‘TMR AutoCAD Customisation – Manual Configuration’ file linked below. This will be up to the user. The 'TMR Configure ACAD.exe' tool cannot be run against AutoCAD LT.

The Transport and Main Roads AutoCAD Customisation contains tools and objects that enable the production of drawings that are in compliance with standards documented in the Department's Drafting and Design Presentation Standards Manual.

Specifically the customisation contains and implements:

  • Blocks
  • Dimension Styles
  • Custom Hatch Patterns
  • Fonts
  • Layer Standards
  • Linetypes
  • Plan Sheets
  • Table Styles
  • Text Styles

These are implemented through:

  1. A custom TMR Tools palette
  2. Standard AutoCAD Tool palettes

The help file available from the MR Tools menu on the TMR Tools palette, provides detailed explanation of the content. It can be accessed separately from the following folders (default location):

  • ACAD 2013 to 2017 – C:\Apps\MR_CUST\ACAD\2013-2017\Help\TMR_ACAD_Help.pdf

What's new

October 2016

Amendments to survey layers, symbols and linestyles, including Dial-Before-You-Dig (DBYD) features.

  • Refer to Schedule 1 – Codes, Linestyles and Examples document under the TMR surveying standards heading on the Transport and Main Roads web site.
  • Created ‘Information At A Point (IAP)’ tool found in the MR Tools -> General menu on the TMR Tools palette.
    • Refer to the Help button in the command’s dialogue for assistance.
  • Additional signs for the Select A Sign (SAS) tool.
    • R5-35 Left and Right
    • R5-20
    • TC1960-3 Left and Right
    • TC9265
    • TC9754 Left and Right
    • TC 1889
    • W8-17-1 6km
  • Fixed an issue where Urban and Rural Merge arrow blocks were incorrectly defined.
  • Added link to the customisation folder in the MR Tools menu. 

October 2015

Minor Plan sheet updates 
  • Reference to 'Parish of' and 'County of' changed to 'Locality of' and 'LGA of' respectively on the following plan sheets:
    • Native Title
    • Resumption
Minor alteration to 'MUTCD Signs (SAS)' SignDefinitions.xml file structure
  • Variations altered to use XML attributes
  • The previous format will be accepted
    • If you have content you've entered, please copy/paste into the new SignDefinitions.xml file to ensure you've got the latest content.

May 2015

  • ‘TMR Configure ACAD.exe’
    • Bug fix for AutoCAD 2013 not being recognised due to window caption not starting with ‘Autodesk’ like the other versions.
    • Added support for AutoCAD, Map 3D and Civil 3D 2016.
  • Addition of layer name search facility in ‘Create Standard Layer (CLA)’ command.
  • Fix for ‘Select A Sign (SAS)’ tool where the timing records file could be left open.
  • Traffic signs corrected:
    • TC 1979_3 : Text incorrect.
    • TC 1979_4 : Text incorrect.

March 2015

  • Bug fixes for 'TMR Configure ACAD.exe'
    • Considerable stability improvements for 2015 AutoCAD versions.
  • Version change to '5.2' to reflect alterations.
    • This is shown both in a new desktop shortcut and the 'Version' heading in the 'MR Tools' menu of the 'TMR Tools' palette (see installation instructions file below).
  • 2010–2012 customisation removed in line with highlighted 'Please note' paragraph above.

October 2014

  • Update to ‘2013-2014’ customisation to accommodate 2015 versions. Now referred to as ‘2013-2015’.
  • Additional traffic sign definitions
    • G9-9 (REDUCE SPEED)
      • 4 versions created to start with (1km, 2km, 3km, 5km)
    • W5-41 (Tram)
    • W5-42L & W5-42R (Fallen Rocks)
    • W5-43 (UNEVEN SURFACE)
    • W5-44 (Camel)
    • W5-45 (Emu)
    • W5-46 (Wild Horse)
    • W5-48 (Wombat)
    • W5-49 (WILD ANIMALS)
    • W5-50 (Farm Machinery)
  • Additional traffic sign symbols
  • Added Vincular block under ‘Survey->Cadastral’.
  • Added 'As Constructed Statement' block to accommodate Drafting, Design and Presentation Standards Chapter 1, Section

March 2014

  • Minor update to plan sheet revision tables

November 2013

TMR AutoCAD customisation heavily reconfigured:

  • Blocks removed from the AutoCAD Tool Palettes.
    • Only TMR linetypes and hatches remain
  • New TMR Tools palette created, containing:
    • ‘Blocks and Commands’ palette
    • ‘MR Tools’ menu on ‘Blocks and Commands’ palette
    • ‘TMR Standard Text’ palette
    • ‘Perfect Lite Options’ palette (If Perfect Lite is present. See help file for details.)
  • Updated plan sheets.


The downloaded self-extractor will open a Word document called ‘Configure Customisation.docm’ once the extraction is finished.  You will find detailed configuration instructions, along with other information, in this document.

NOTE: The Word document contains macros that identify the documents location and present this in a number of places in the document. Please enable macros when prompted to allow this functionality to operate.

These macros are not compiled or hidden in any way to allow your IT organisation to satisfy itself that the document is safe prior to rollout of the customisation.

We are getting reports of some inconsistent and confusing behaviour when attempting to run the configuration tool in Windows 8. We are yet to receive any Windows 10 reports.

The configuration tool uses the AutoCAD window’s caption (where it says ‘Autodesk AutoCAD [vertical] [version]’ followed by the drawing name), to attempt to identify which vertical AutoCAD product is being configured (AutoCAD, Map 3D, Civil 3D). 

  • The ‘Version’ property available from AutoCAD returns the same value regardless of the vertical product, hence it could not be used. 
  • This is important, as we are attempting to apply product and version specific ‘starter’ profiles.

In Windows 8, this is quite often coming back empty, or incomplete, causing the configuration tool to fail.

We do not currently have a Windows 8 environment in which to carry out testing in order to provide a fix.

For those of you who experience persistent problems, the ‘TMR AutoCAD Customisation – Manual Configuration’ file details the work that the configuration tool does.

Upgrading from a previous version of the customisation

Version 5.3 of the customisation installs to a different folder to the previous ‘5.2’ customisation. See the ‘Extraction’ heading in the ‘Customisation – Configuration.docm’ document.

The profile created during configuration has the same name.

It is therefore possible to run both versions side by side if required. This is not recommended long term and the old version will no longer be supported.

Follow these steps to delete the old customisation:

  1. Delete any TMR profiles from Options->Profiles tab
    1. TMR_ACAD
    2. TMR_MAP
    3. TMR_C3D
  2. Delete any shortcuts.
    1. Shortcuts are created in %AppData%\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Autodesk\TMR Customisation
    2. You may need to unpin from the Taskbar or Start Menu, if you’ve done so, and track down any copies you’ve made.
  3. Delete the customisation folder
    1. The default is C:\Apps\MR_CUST\ACAD\<Version>.


Once you have downloaded the appropriate files, check that the file size is the same as that indicated below.

The customisation file is self-extracting.

Version 5.3 for AutoCAD/Map 3D 2013 and 2017

System requirements

  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

For more information contact CADD Systems via the Service Centre:

Phone: 07 3066 2000
Last updated
12 February 2018