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Your guide to data reporting

This guide is for authorised booking entities (BEA holders) and taxi service operators. It includes:

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Advice on how to report quarterly and annual data to the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR)
Frequently asked questions
Some of the common issues found in reports received by TMR.

Step 1 Getting Started

getting started icon What happens if I've only got a Mac, iPad or iPhone?
Do I have to use the TMR reporting forms? 
More information about getting started


Step 2 How to report correctly

common reporting errors iconDefinitions and how to report correctly
What if I didn't operate or book any trips during the reporting period?
More about how to report correctly 


Step 3 Identifying issues and common error messages

common error messages icon

Replacing existing copies of files missing information errors
More about identifying common errors and issues



Step 4 Using the quarterly reporting form

using the quarterly form iconHow to fill out the Areas Where Trips Are Provided worksheet
What if I got a new Booked Hired Service Licence (BHSL)?
More about using the quarterly form


Step 5 Using the annual reporting form

using the annual reporting form iconBooked hire trips worksheet
Rank and hail trips worksheet
More about using the annual reporting form



Last updated
27 November 2019