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Information for limousine drivers and operators

Personalised transport industry fee relief

Due to COVID-19:
• all existing limousine licences, including special purpose limousines, are automatically being extended for 6 months
• booked hire/taxi driver authorisation holders' fees are being waived for 6 months, and
• you can cancel and re-register your vehicle without some of the usual fees.

More information 

Changes have been made to strengthen limousine customer safety standards, accessibility and accountability, and increase transparency for passenger fares. 

Read more about the reform and the new framework for the personalised transport industry.

Information for limousine operators and drivers:

Authorisations and safety

Vehicle requirements

Requirements to provide a service in a limousine in Queensland

To provide a service in a limousine you will need to hold a driver’s authorisation.  You must also:

  • ensure your vehicle is appropriately registered, roadworthy and has Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance
  • ensure the vehicle has a certificate of inspection (COI), unless exempt.
  • carry a copy of the limousine service licence for the vehicle. This may be in either printed or in an electronic format (for example, on a smart phone) but must be presentable at all times.
  • provide an itemised receipt of the fare if requested by a customer.

Checking currency and class of driver authorisation

The Driver Authorisation Public Register, previously known as the Passenger Transport Driver Authorisation System (PTDAS), is a free online service that allows the currency and classes of driver authorisation to be checked.

The register does not contain any personal information and only confirms the currency and classes of a driver authorisation number.

The currency of a driver authorisation can be checked on the Driver Authorisation Public Register.

Last updated
12 May 2020