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TIC - Sole Invitation

Key aspects of the TIC - SI

  • replaces the current Road Performance Contract (RPC)
  • can be used for the construction of other forms of transport infrastructure (such as marine structures and busways)
  • for sole invitation only to local governments or RoadTek
  • uses a simple 'Conditions of Offer' instead of the standard 'Conditions of Tendering' from the TIC
  • uses the standard 'General Conditions of Contract' of the TIC, in conjunction with Annexure D (Special Conditions) of TIC-SI.

Volume cover sheets

Part 1 - Invitation for Offer

Part 2 - Conditions of Offer

Part 3 - Offer Forms and Offer Schedules

Part 4 - General Conditions of Contract and Annexures

Part 5 - Additional Contract Requirements

Part 6 - Standard Documents

Part 7 - Project Specific Documents

Part 8 - Other Documents

Administrative Forms (not included in Tender Documents)

Last updated
17 May 2022