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Strategic objective for Maintenance Dredging Strategy

Objective of the framework

Strategic objective

  • Ongoing protection of the GBR's values
  • Continued operating efficiency of GBRWHA ports

Develop knowledge base

  • Sediment forecasting
  • Sediment effects on port operations
  • Values assessment
  • Consultation with relevant stakeholders

Review management options

  • Avoid or reduce need for dredging
  • Beneficial reuse
  • On-shore placement of sediment
  • At-sea placement of sediment

Select option

  • Comparative analysis
  • Determine most appropriate option
  • Develop Long Term Management Plan
  • Obtain regulatory approvals
  • Consultation with relevant stakeholders

Implement option

  • Execute approved solution(s)
  • Impact monitoring
  • Adaptive Management
  • Reporting
  • Consultation with relevant stakeholders


Last updated
24 August 2017