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Goonyella Coal Chain Capacity Review

Image of a QR train

In 2006-07, the state's coal exports totalled 153.2 million tonnes. In light of the industry’s vital importance to the state's economy and the Queensland Government’s commitment to optimising export supply chains, the government joined with the Queensland Resources Council in June 2007 to commission Mr Stephen O'Donnell to undertake an independent review of the Goonyella Coal Supply Chain. 

The rationale for the review was to assess the current status of the coal chain and to provide recommendations aimed at enhancing its capacity to meet the needs of industry and to ensure that it was positioned to satisfy the demands of an expanding export market.

The findings and recommendations from Mr O’Donnell’s first independent review of the Goonyella Coal Chain were released on Monday 30 July 2007. The review made three key recommendations aimed at delivering immediate and near-term gains in system capacity:

  1. A central coordination role to be created to oversee activities across the supply chain.
  2. QR Limited to commence a purchasing process for additional locomotives and carriages to meet projected coal haulage volumes.
  3. A business improvement program to be commenced across the supply chain, starting immediately with QR Limited.

The second and final report has now been released. It looks at longer term planning issues with a focus on maximising the effectiveness of the coal chain from mine to port. This report recommends the appointment of a planning coordinator and more cooperation between industry and government.

Image of Haypoint Port

The O’Donnell review has been undertaken with the primary purpose of identifying solutions to supply chain capacity constraints. The review process has been transparent and Mr O’Donnell received full cooperation from all participants. The review identified the complexity of the issues and the inter dependency of all parties and interfaces in the supply chain. It also makes recommendations with the aim of maximising the capacity of the current supply chain and in ensuring that future infrastructure planning allows for the interests of all stakeholders as one way of maximising efficiency.

Government and all participants in the Goonyella coal supply chain have indicated a willingness to work together and have agreed on a number of positive initiatives to take the industry forward well into the next decade. Mr O'Donnell's reports and findings are available below. 

Download the final report:

Goonyella Coal Chain Capacity Review — second and final report

Download the first report:

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24 August 2017