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Department of Transport and Main Roads

Heavy vehicle customer portal

National Heavy Vehicle Regulator

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) and Department of Transport and Main Roads each fulfil specific roles under the Heavy Vehicle National Law Act 2012 (HVNL).

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator was established to administer one set of laws for heavy vehicles under the HVNL. This includes coordinating the permitting process on a national level.

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator has developed the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator Portal to improve the way heavy vehicle permits are accessed, managed and issued across Australia. This Program has provided technical innovations to improve efficiency and productivity in the movement of goods and has a core focus on improving outcomes for industry. Visit the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator Portal for more information on the Program and its deliverables.

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator is working closely with the department to improve their services to the heavy vehicle industry including processing times for permit applications.

On the 16 December 2019, the processing of all Class 1 over size and over mass permits have returned to the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator. This means that all applications must be submitted via the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator Portal as of this date. 

The NHVR will be the first point of contact for all heavy vehicle access permits from 16 December 2019. Both the NHVR and TMR will contact operators prior to the delegations and points of contact changing. 

For more information, visit the NHVR website or phone 1300 696 487 between 7am–5pm (AEST) Monday to Friday.

Road access permit application

Information and applications for a road access permit is available on the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator website.

Last updated 15 April 2024