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Department of Transport and Main Roads

How you can help

Service your car regularly

Having your car regularly tuned and serviced will ensure that you're not polluting the air. It also helps to keep your car running smoothly, reducing your running costs and saving you money.

Maintain correct tyre pressure

Keeping your tyres at the right pressure reduces fuel consumption, which will reduce pollution and reduce the amount of fuel you use, saving you money.

Only fill your tank to the first click — overflow petrol evaporates releasing pollutants

Listen for the click when filling your petrol tank and then stop. Overfilling your petrol tank can spill petrol or overload your car's emission control system, releasing fumes into the atmosphere. Vehicle manufacturers also advise against overfilling.

Fix your smoky exhaust and report any smoky vehicles you see

Smoky exhausts cause air pollution. If your car is 'smoky', have it checked and fixed. You may just need a service or you may find a more serious mechanical problem. If you see a vehicle blowing smoke continuously for 10 seconds or more, report it to the Department of Transport and Main Roads by completing and submitting the Smoky Vehicle Report form.

Buy a car suitable for your needs

When looking for a car, try to buy the smallest one that meets your needs. Small cars not only use less fuel and release up to 30 per cent fewer emissions, they take up less room on our crowded roads, reducing traffic congestion. Check out the Green Vehicle Guide* which has information on the environmental performance of new vehicles in Australia.

Avoid excessive revving and braking

Frequent revving and braking produces higher emission levels, uses more fuel and puts more stress on your engine. Do your car and the environment a favour by driving smoothly.

Remove unnecessary weight from the boot and roof racks

Carrying weight in the boot or on roof racks uses more fuel. The best thing to do is to remove your roof rack when it's not in use.

Car pool when you can

Car pooling cuts the number of cars on the road and reduces air pollution. Sharing a car with just one other person every work day for one year could save you well over A$1000 in petrol, parking and maintenance costs.

Use public transport whenever you can — even one day a week makes a difference

Catch public transport whenever possible. If everyone, who normally drives, left the car at home just once a week, air pollution in south east Queensland would decrease by 10 per cent.

Walk or cycle short trips

By walking or cycling instead of driving short trips you decrease air pollution and reduce the number of vehicles on our roads. Cycling and walking are also great for your health.

aHigher rates apply from mobile phones and payphones. If calling outside of Queensland, STD rates will apply.

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Last updated 15 August 2019