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Department of Transport and Main Roads

TyreSmart - tyre maintenance

TyreSmart: play your P.A.R.T (Pressure | Alignment | Rotation | Tread) is a green initiative of the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

How you drive and maintain your vehicle affects the level of emissions it releases to the surrounding environment. It’s up to everyone on Queensland roads to ensure their tyres are properly and safely maintained as tyres play a key role in your vehicle’s safety and handling.

The health of your tyres is impacted by the kinds of roads you drive on, how often you drive, as well as the weather and unexpected hazards.
Properly maintained tyres can help:

  • reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas
  • reduce fuel consumption
  • save money by extending the life of your tyres
  • improve vehicle handling and safety for your family.

The TyreSmart: play your P.A.R.T initiative is designed to help community groups and organisations run tyre maintenance clinics to maintain good tyre health, reducing fuel cost and the impact of your vehicle on the environment.

Download the resources below to assist in running your TyreSmart clinic:

Last updated 17 October 2018