The Constructive Mob training program

In 2009, the Constructive Mob training program provided practical training in construction for participants, including classroom and on-the-job experience leading to a Certificate II in Civil Construction. Fourteen trainees were involved, with 13 successfully graduating.

The program was split into 2 stages. In stage 1, training support was provided by Bremer Institute of TAFE, BoysTown and the Constructive Training Centre. In stage 2, the trainees worked on some of our major projects, including the Ipswich Motorway Upgrade.

We funded and produced the Constructive Mob documentary, commissioned by the ABC, which highlighted the benefits of traineeships for individuals, families and communities by following trainees from start to finish on the journey to gain a Certificate II in Civil Construction. The documentary aired in 2011.

Constructive Mob documentary, 2011

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