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Department of Transport and Main Roads

Email issues

I didn't receive emails from TMR

If you did not receive TMR e-correspondences as expected, it may be due to:

  • mailbox full
  • junk mail / block list functionality
  • virus scan / anti-spam tools
  • network connection fail 
  • incorrect email address.

You can resolve the issue by:

  • check your mailbox data allowance. If it exceeds the limitation, clean your mailbox
  • check your Junk or Deleted Item email folder. If you have rules configured to sort your mail automatically, check your rule settings to ensure the TMR emails will not be filtered out
  • check the mail module for your virus scan/anti-spam tool to see if TMR emails are being filtered out. You may also check your virus scan/ anti-spam tool documentation to find out if it holds the emails classified as spam in a named folder
  • ensure you have the network connection to download/ sync the emails from the server
  • contact us to check if your email address is correctly recorded.

I received a suspect email for TMR related services

If you received an email indicated as for TMR services or products that you suspect is fraudulent, find out how to make sure these emails are legitimate before clicking on any links in it.

Last updated 23 May 2021