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Department of Transport and Main Roads

Online services error messages

Your request could not be processed

Error message: 'Your request could not be processed'

Solution: This error message may be due to:

  • an expired/invalid session on one of our secured services
  • the transaction was attempted during a period of peak demand.

Do not continue to use a link or bookmark direct to the transaction as this may have expired.

You may try to:

  • refresh the page or wait a few minutes and retry
  • log out and then retry the service using another browser  
  • exit and restart your browser and then navigate to the required transaction by using the online services menu
  • delete your cookies or browsing history as your browser may otherwise automatically use a link to the expired transaction rather than the new attempt.

GB040E – Action cancelled

Error message: 'Record is being updated by another user' 

Solution: This error message may be due to:

  • you having another browser session/tab that is logged in 
  • your browser cache is storing previous logged in details.

Please log out of any active online sessions and exit your browser. Restart the browser and delete your browser history, ensuring that temporary internet files and cookies are selected, before re-attempting the action.

Pay an infringement notice

Error message: 'Infringement notice cannot be paid'

Solution: This error message may be due to:

  • the fine not being on the system yet
  • incorrect infringement numbers entered
  • the fine is overdue.

Handwritten fines need processing by both the issuing authority and Department of Transport and Main Roads and normally takes 7 to 21 days from issue to be placed on the system (please check back online later to see if your fine is on the system). If it takes longer than 21 days for your fine to be entered into our system, please pay the fine another way, either in person or by post.

If the fine is overdue see paying overdue fines for the payment options and the additional fees that may apply to you.

A handwritten fine that has been issued in the name of an organisation cannot be paid online—this type of fine can only be paid in person or by post.

Error RSRC0100300216E

Error message: 'Payment Request Status is not UNPAID'

Solution: This error message may be due to:

  • going back or refreshing a page while processing a payment
  • re-processing a payment that has been paid on another tab/session.

Check if your transaction was successful by:

Last updated 09 November 2022