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Department of Transport and Main Roads

Cumulative disqualifications for repeat drink and drug drivers

Drink and drug driving is a significant contributing factor to road crashes in Queensland.

Cumulative disqualifications apply to these high risk drivers to improve road safety by providing an extra deterrent against committing dangerous driving offences and keeping high risk drivers off the road for longer.

A cumulative disqualification period will apply to you if you commit:

  • multiple drink or drug offences
  • a drink or drug driving offence and the same time you commit an offence for driving without a valid driver licence.

This means that if you are convicted and disqualified for these offences, the disqualification periods will be served one after the other (cumulatively). That is, your first disqualification period will start on the date of your court conviction, but the second will not start until you have served the first disqualification period.

For more information about cumulative disqualifications and the offences, view the cumulative disqualification information sheet (S4855).
Last updated 09 January 2023