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Moving Freight

Queensland's freight task is rising rapidly, and is forecast to increase by 89% from 871 million tonnes in 2010-11 to between 1,643-1,741 million tonnes by 2026.

Transport and Main Roads is planning for this growing challenge with Moving Freight, a 10-year strategy which identifies 38 actions to improve freight movement in Queensland.

The strategy’s actions are broad ranging to support diverse sector needs and include:

  • ensuring rail access for agriculture 
  • developing investment strategies for key freight corridors 
  • improving freight network resistance to floods and natural disasters 
  • better collection and analysis of freight data and information 
  • continuing to reduce red tape for heavy freight vehicle permits.

The final strategy was published in December 2013.


Full document


Progress report


To contact the Moving Freight project team:

 Post: Transport Strategy and Planning
Department of Transport and Main Roads
GPO Box 1549
Brisbane Qld 4001
Last updated
24 August 2017