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Moving Freight

Queensland's freight task continues to rise in response to increases in population, economy and demand for goods. Current estimates indicate approximately 940M tonnes of freight were moved in Queensland in 2016-17, with volumes estimated to increase more than 20 per cent by 2027.

In December 2013 the Department of Transport and Main Roads released Moving Freight, a 10-year strategy identifying 38 actions to improve freight movement in Queensland

The strategy’s actions were broad ranging to support diverse sector needs and included:

  • ensuring rail access for agriculture
  • developing investment strategies for key freight corridors
  • improving freight network resistance to floods and natural disasters
  • better collection and analysis of freight data and information
  • continuing to reduce red tape for heavy freight vehicle permits.
  • The final strategy was published in December 2013.

While Moving Freight continues to have broad industry and stakeholder support, things such as advancing technology, increasing consumer demand and emerging economies are affecting the transport system.

To keep abreast of this changing freight environment and to address emerging freight policy matters, a review of Moving Freight was commenced.

Once complete, the Department of Transport and Main Roads will develop a revised strategy supported by action plans reviewed every 2 years and reported annually, to ensure the freight system remains resilient, dynamic and efficient.


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To contact the Moving Freight project team:

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14 January 2019