Manly Boat Harbour

The Manly Boat Harbour is an integral part of the bayside’s social, cultural and economic landscape. We want to better understand what the community values about the harbour, how the community uses the harbour, and ideas about future use

The Manly Boat Harbour is 1 of 8 state owned and operated boat harbours on the Queensland coast. Hosting dry standings and wet berths, plus 2 public boat ramps (one at each end of the harbour). The Manly Boat Harbour offers boating and cruising yacht facilities of particular significance for Australia's eastern seaboard and the whole of the southern Pacific Ocean.

The purpose of Manly Boat Harbour is to:

  • provide safe and efficient access and refuge for recreational and commercial vessels
  • promote activities that are commercially and environmentally sustainable, support the marine industry, and generate local employment and tourism.

Our vision for the Manly Boat Harbour is continuing to provide safe and efficient access to Queensland waters, berthing for recreational and commercial vessels and to provide appropriate activities that will positively contribute to the sustainability of the harbour.
To support our vision, we want to better understand community ideas and knowledge to help guide future activities and community access.

Key features

  • Focus on listening to the local community and other groups who use or may want to use the Manly Boat Harbour
  • Opportunity for the community to share their ideas
  • Collect information to better inform future activities, community access and input into any future master planning for Manly Boat Harbour

Current status

We are committed to working with the community and hearing everyone’s views on the Manly Boat Harbour.

From Monday 22 June 2020 to 14 August 2020, we are asking the community to share ideas online through our community consultation

To stay informed and receive project updates, register your details or contact the project team on (07) 3066 4679.