Beenleigh–Redland Bay Road and Kruger Road, signalise intersection

Safety improvement works have been undertaken on Beenleigh–Redland Bay Road.

The Queensland Government has committed $4.35 million to signalise the intersection of Beenleigh–Redland Bay Road and Kruger Road, with improvements in and around the Carbrook State School. 

In addition, the Australian and Queensland Governments have committed a further $19.5 million on an 80:20 basis to undertake safety improvements on Beenleigh–Redland Bay Road at Carbrook and Cornubia. 


  • Improves safety
  • Improves network efficiency
  • Increases car parks
  • Contributes to economy
  • Accessibility
  • Increases traffic flow
  • Reduces peak hour congestion
  • Improves ride quality

Key features

Beenleigh–Redland Bay Road and Kruger Road intersection:

  • New traffic signals to allow safe turns in and out of the Kruger Road intersection.
  • Extended right turn lane into Kruger Road.
  • New bus stop and shelter on Beenleigh–Redland Bay Road.
  • Additional parking within the school grounds as well as student kiss-n-go zone.
  • Upgraded and new footpaths/shared paths.

Beenleigh–Redland Bay Road at Carbrook and Cornubia:

  • Improved linemarking and signage.
  • Removal of roadside hazards between California Creek Road and Mount Cotton Road.
  • Removal of roadside hazards and upgrading of safety barriers between Mount Cotton Road and Serpentine Creek.

Dedicated right turn lanes to:

  • Calvary Christian College and the Wirunya Aged Care and Retirement Village.
  • Ferry Road.
  • Aquatic Gardens Caravan Park.
  • Rocky Passage Road.


The Queensland Government has committed funding to deliver the project at the intersection of Kruger Road. Investment ID 1244656

The Australian and Queensland governments have committed funding to deliver safety improvements at various locations along Beenleigh–Redland Bay Road. Investment ID 1700705 

Total investment
$23.85 million
Australian Government
Queensland Government
$8.25 million

Current Status

Construction at the Kruger Road intersection was completed in November 2021.

4 intersection upgrades with dedicated right turn lanes were completed in October 2021.