Binna Burra Road reconstruction works

Following extensive damage from the Southern Queensland Bushfires on Binna Burra Road in September 2019, we have been working to repair this severely damaged area along Binna Burra Road.


  • Returns local roads

Key features

The reconstruction works along Binna Burra Road have involved extensive repairs at multiple locations. Works commenced in October 2019 and have involved:

  • installing slope stabilisation above and below the road, including drape mesh and rock-fall protection above the road.
  • involved installing large rock gabions (wire rock-filled cages) and anchoring these with long soil nails and rock anchors into the cliff face downslope.

These measures have required specialist personnel trained in rope access construction, specialist geotechnical equipment abseiled down the cliff face and advice from consulting experts.


Eligible reconstruction works are jointly funded by the Commonwealth and Queensland Governments under the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (DRFA).

Current status

Binna Burra Road is expected to re-open to the public in late August 2020, under traffic control (weather and site conditions permitting).

Following the re-opening of the road, road works at various locations along Binna Burra Road will be required. A temporary 'control point' will remain to manage traffic under stop/slow arrangements. These works are expected to continue until October 2020.

Please follow the advice of traffic controllers and all project site signage.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the local community for their patience during these important works.

Activity/Milestone Timing
Binna Burra Road reopens to the public 31 August 2020
Additional roadworks along Binna Burra Road Completed by end October 2020

Binna Burra Road September 2019
Binna Burra Road September 2019

Binna Burra Road progress May 2020
Binna Burra Road progress May 2020

Binna Burra Road abseiler looking downBinna Burra Road abseiler