Bruce Highway—Feluga and East Feluga intersection upgrade

A $6 million upgrade to the Feluga and East Feluga Road and Bruce Highway intersection will be delivered. The Bruce Highway is the key coastal link between Brisbane and Cairns.

The works will include the installation of a staggered T intersection. Unsignalised cross intersections (i.e. 4 legs) with one road having priority, record high crash rates for the through movements from the minor road, particularly if the minor legs are aligned. Staggered T-intersections are used as a safer alternative to four-way unsignalised intersections either by:

  • setting out the alignment of the minor roads on new major roads to form a staggered T-intersection
  • realigning 1 or both minor road legs of an existing intersection.

There are 2 types of staggered T-intersections defined by the order of the turning movements of vehicles crossing the major road from the minor roads, namely:

  • a right-left staggered T-intersection
  • a left-right staggered T-intersection.

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  • Improves flood immunity
  • Increases capacity
  • Reduces travel time
  • Improves safety


The project is funded as part of the 15-year Bruce Highway Upgrade Program, a $12.6 billion program of works to improve safety, flood resilience and capacity along the Bruce Highway from Brisbane to Cairns. The program is jointly funded by the Australian and Queensland governments, with the Australian Government contributing up to $10 billion and the Queensland Government contributing up to $2.6 billion.

Bruce Highway Feluga Road intersection design option 1

Bruce Highway Feluga Rd intersection design option 1