Bruce Highway (Mackay to Proserpine) Bruce Highway Safety Package (Leap to Careys Creek)

The Bruce Highway Safety Package (The Leap to Careys Creek) was delivered as part of the Bruce Highway Upgrade Program to improve safety, flood resilience and capacity along the Bruce Highway.

There were 3 projects under this package:

  • Bruce Highway (Mackay—Proserpine), Hampden to Kuttabul, rehabilitate and widen
  • Bruce Highway (Mackay—Proserpine), Palm Tree Creek, construct northbound overtaking lane
  • Bruce Highway, various locations, township entry treatments.


  • Improves safety
  • Improves network efficiency
  • Contributes to economy
  • Contributes to regional growth
  • Improves ride quality

Key features

  • Widening of the highway to install wide centre lines to reduce the incidents of head-on crashes.
  • The installation of safety barriers.
  • The extension of an overtaking lane along the Bruce Highway at Palm Tree Creek.
  • The upgrade of 9 intersections which includes mostly the installation of protected turn lanes and improved lighting at:
    • Maraju-Yakapari Road / Yakapari-Seaforth Road
    • Tweedies Road
    • Guimellis Road
    • Pyms Road
    • Zunkers Road
    • Mcgills Road
    • Watts Road
    • Geeburga-Buthurra Road
    • Buthurra Station Road.

The town entry points at Farleigh, The Leap and Kuttabul received treatments including the installation of signage and road markings to reduce vehicles speeding through rural towns.


The project was jointly funded by the Australian and Queensland governments on an 80:20 basis.

Investment ID 296544, 936770 and 701285

$1.1 million - Australian Government-funded Bruce Highway – Additional Funding for Black Spots, Rest Areas and Safety Upgrades.

$1.07 million is from the Australian Government-funded Bruce Highway – Overtaking Lanes Package.

Total investment
$39.13 million
Australian Government
$31.738 million
Queensland Government
$7.392 million

Current status

Project was completed December 2021.

Project map

Map of works