Bruce Highway (Maryborough – Gin Gin), Saltwater Creek and Deadmans Gully, flood immunity upgrades

Construction is completed to improve flood immunity along an 11km section of the Bruce Highway between Maryborough and Torbanlea.

This Bruce Highway Upgrade Program funded project improved the safety and reliability of the Bruce Highway and reduced the social and economic impacts associated with flood-related highway closures.

Between Maryborough and Torbanlea, a new high-level bridge at Deadmans Gully and Saltwater Creek have been constructed on a new alignment to replace the previous crossing.

Construction has also been completed to upgrade 4 floodways and provide flood immunity for a one in 100-year flood event.

The completed project works minimise disruption from flood related closures, while improving safety along this section of the Bruce Highway for all road users.


  • Improves flood immunity
  • Improves safety

Key features

  • Constructed a high-level bridge and approaches on a new alignment at Saltwater Creek crossing.
  • A new bridge and road approaches to Deadmans Gully have been opened to traffic on a new alignment.
  • Upgraded 4 existing floodway sections north of Saltwater Creek between Maryborough and Torbanlea, and improved flood immunity.
  • Pavement strengthened on 3 sections of the highway between existing floodways to provide a 20-year pavement design life.
  • Minor realignment of the Herrenberg Street and Rampton Road intersections, connecting to the new Bruce Highway alignment.


This project is jointly funded by the Australian and Queensland governments on an 80:20 basis. Investment ID 368507

Total investment
$103 million
Australian Government
$82.4 million
Queensland Government
$20.6 million

Current status

Deadmans Gully bridge was opened to traffic on 16 June 2022. 

Saltwater Creek bridge was opened to traffic on 23 August 2022.

Construction was completed in December 2022.

Project map

Bruce Highway Saltwater Creek and Deadmans Gully project map