Bruce Highway—Wide Bay Highway intersection upgrade

We have re-evaluated the design for the Bruce Highway—Wide Bay Highway intersection upgrade based on community feedback. Detailed design activities have now been completed for a roundabout solution. The project includes additional roadside improvements along the Bruce Highway between Meadows Lane and the Wide Bay Highway and an upgrade at the Spring Valley Road intersection (south).

Over the years, the community has raised concerns about safety and capacity of the Bruce Highway and Wide Bay Highway intersection.

Vehicles are experiencing long delays turning right out of Wide Bay Highway due to the high volumes of traffic on the Bruce Highway. This is of particular concern for heavy vehicles which require a larger gap in traffic to enter the traffic stream safely.

The initial recommended option involved implementing an at-grade ‘seagull configuration’ intersection. During consultation in late 2017, concerns were raised about this option, particularly relating to driver inexperience in using this type of treatment.

Further investigations have since been undertaken to refine a preferred option that is better supported by the local community and will better meet the needs of current and future traffic volumes using the intersection.

A detailed options assessment confirmed that a roundabout solution would best address safety and capacity issues. The roundabout will incorporate a single circulating lane and single-lane approaches and departures. The diameter of the roundabout is approximately 50 metres and it will have approach speed limits of 60 km/h and other appropriate speed reduction treatments such as warning signage, to maintain safety and ensure compliance.

A roundabout will provide significant safety benefits by slowing down through traffic and reducing the number of simultaneous conflict points. A roundabout will also significantly reduce the risk and impact of T-bone (side impact) crashes, which have a higher potential of causing death or serious injury.


  • Improves safety
  • Improves network efficiency
  • Increases traffic flow
  • Reduces peak hour congestion
  • Better road access

Key features

  • Construction of a roundabout at the Bruce Highway – Wide Bay Highway intersection
  • Intersection and signage improvements between the Meadows Lane and Wide Bay Highway intersections
  • Intersection upgrade at Spring Valley Road (south)



Total investment
$16.6 million
Australian Government
$13.7 million
Queensland Government
$2.9 million

Current status

Construction has now commenced and is expected to be completed by late-2021, weather permitting.

Project map

Bruce Highway—Wide Bay Highway intersection upgrade