Burnett Highway (Monto – Biloela), North Kariboe Creek, replace bridge

A new concrete bridge has replaced the timber bridge at North Kariboe Creek on the Burnett Highway.

One of the few remaining timber bridges on the Burnett Highway has been replaced with a new concrete structure, reducing maintenance and ensuring reliable connectivity between regional communities and supply chains.

The new North Kariboe Creek Bridge was constructed offline, adjacent to the existing bridge to minimise impacts to those travelling on the highway during construction.

The project is part of an ongoing program of works to replace timber bridges in the Fitzroy District and has improved the road user experience through increased road width, a safer driving environment and modern bridge barriers.



  • Improves safety
  • Improves flood immunity
  • Reduces maintenance

Key features

  • Improved flood immunity and network reliability with fewer road closures
  • Increased safety by widening the width of the road and the bridge
  • Enhanced access for industry and regional communities
  • Reduced bridge maintenance requirements


This project is funded by the Queensland Government's State Road Network Upgrades. Investment ID 845172

Total investment
$7.2 million
Queensland Government
$7.2 million

Current status

Work on the new North Kariboe Creek Bridge was completed in late September 2021.

Project map

Burnett Highway North Kariboe Creek Bridge Replacement map