D'Aguilar Highway wide centre line treatment

We are undertaking detailed design to improve safety on the D'Aguilar Highway to install a 1 metre wide centre line treatment.

We are undertaking detailed design on a $12 million project to improve road safety on a 4km section of the D'Aguilar Highway between King Street intersection, west of Caboolture and the township of Wamuran. Works include widening the 4km section of the highway, installing a 1m wide centre line treatment and removing roadside vegetation to improve visibility and reduce the potential for cross-centre line crashes.


  • Improves safety

Key features

  • Widening a 4km section between the King Street intersection and Wamuran
  • Installing a 1m wide centre line to reduce the potential for head-on crashes
  • Removal of roadside vegetation to improve visibility.


The $12 million upgrade will be delivered as part of the Queensland Government’s State Road Network Upgrades (SRNU).

Total investment
$12 million
Queensland Government
$12 million