Diamantina Developmental Road (Charleville - Quilpie), widen and seal

Works involve pavement widening and sealing on various sections of the Diamantina Developmental Road (Charleville – Quilpie) between 69.59km to 180.5km west of Charleville.

The works will be delivered through the Regional Economic Enabling Fund (REEF), a package of works that will deliver targeted upgrades to many roads across regional Queensland in response to COVID-19.


  • Improves safety
  • Improves network efficiency
  • Contributes to economy
  • Contributes to regional growth

Key features

  • Pavement widening and sealing on various sections to 8m.
  • Improved overtaking opportunities.


These projects are jointly funded by the Australian and Queensland governments on an 80:20 basis. Investment ID 1693109, 1691831.

Total investment
$6.65 million
Australian Government
$5.32 million
Queensland Government
$1.33 million

Current status

Site 1 - Construction started on 12 April 2021 and was completed in mid-July 2021.

Site 2 - Construction started on 19 July 2021 and is expected to be completed in November 2021, weather and conditions permitting.

Diamantina Developmental Road (Charleville - Quilpie) pavement widening map