Dickabram Bridge rehabilitation works

We are currently rehabilitating the heritage-listed Dickabram Bridge, the oldest surviving steel truss bridge in Queensland.

Further works are needed to rehabilitate the heritage-listed Dickabram Bridge, which crosses the Mary River at Miva, north-west of Gympie. The Dickabram Bridge is the oldest combined road and rail crossing left in Queensland. It is also the oldest surviving complete steel truss bridge in the state.

Rehabilitation works involved replacing some of the aged timber girders, decking, piles and other structural elements. The works will ensure the bridge remains structurally intact and able to be used by various modes of transport.

Due to the bridge’s age and design, coupled with the complexity of the required rehabilitation works, the project requires ongoing full bridge closures.


  • Returns local roads
  • Improves safety
  • Improves ride quality

Key features

  • Bridge rehabilitation.
  • Maintaining a heritage structure.


The Queensland Government has committed $8 million to the rehabilitation works on the Dickabram Bridge.

Total investment
$8 million
Queensland Government
$8 million

Current status

We are currently finalising the remaining works program and investment required to complete rehabilitating the bridge.

The bridge is currently open to traffic while the remaining works program is finalised.

We will keep the community updated on future closures required to complete the bridge rehabilitation.

Dickabram Bridge Rehabilitation Works image gallery

Dickabram Bridge

Dickabram Bridge

Dickabram Bridge