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  1. Carnarvon Highway (Injune - Rolleston) – pavement widening

    Priority pavement widening works are being delivered on the Carnarvon Highway (Injune - Rolleston) between 48.3km to 50.5km north of Injune...

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  2. Burnett Highway—Callide Creek Bridge Upgrade

    The Callide Creek Bridge on the Burnett Highway is being upgraded to increase safety, reliability, and capacity...

    Burnett Highway Callide Creek Bridge Upgrade project map
  3. Leichhardt Highway—Banana Creek Bridge Replacement

    The ageing timber Banana Creek Bridge on the Leichhardt Highway will be replaced to increase safety, reliability, capacity, and improve flood immunity...

    Leichhardt Highway Banana Creek Bridge Replacement map
  4. Dawson Highway—Roundstone Creek Bridge Replacement

    We are replacing the aging timber Roundstone Creek Bridge about 20km west of Moura on the Dawson Highway...

    Dawson Highway Roundstone Creek Bridge Replacement project map
  5. Tamborine–Oxenford Road, Howard Creek Causeway, upgrade flood immunity

    Planning for a future upgrade of Howard Creek Causeway on Tamborine–Oxenford Road at Wongawallan...

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  6. Beerburrum to Nambour Rail Upgrade

    The Beerburrum to Nambour Rail Upgrade (B2N) project covers about 40km of the North Coast Line...

    Beerburrum to Nambour Upgrade
  7. Bruce Highway (Proserpine – Bowen) Ten Mile Creek to Yeates Creek, improve safety

    The Bruce Highway Safety Package – Ten Mile Creek to Yeates Creek is being delivered as part of the Bruce Highway Upgrade Program...

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  8. Cunningham Highway (Ipswich-Warwick), Gladfield Back Road and Goomburra Road intersection, install roadside delineation

    The Cunningham Highway—Goomburra Road and Gladfield Back Road intersection upgradee will improve safety by providing dedicated turn lanes, improving signage and visibility as well as other additional...

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