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  1. Murphys Creek Road and Brookside Place intersection upgrade

    Upgrades at the Murphys Creek Road and Brookside Place intersection will improve road capacity and safety as well as increase road freight productivity and accessibility...

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  2. Cunningham Highway (Ipswich - Warwick), Eight Mile intersection upgrade

    The Eight Mile intersection upgrade will improve safety and transport efficiency for road users in the area...

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  3. New England Highway upgrade planning—Warwick to Stanthorpe

    The New England Highway – Warwick to Stanthorpe project is a planning project to investigate upgrade options to improve safety through widening the road for wide centre lines, installing an overtaking...

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  4. Gatton - Helidon Road, Lockyer Creek bridge, strengthen bridge

    Lockyer Creek bridge stabilisation and rehabilitation works will increase the capacity and longevity of the bridge to support economic growth in the area...

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  5. Toowoomba Bypass

    We have delivered an alternative crossing of the Toowoomba Range to improve freight efficiency and driver safety, relieve pressure on roads in the Toowoomba and Lockyer Valley regions, and enhance...

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