Gateway Motorway flyover - strengthening works and heavy vehicle restrictions

Following strengthening works and subsequent structural inspections of the flyover, load restrictions on the Gateway Motorway flyover have been eased, effective 17 December 2020.

Heavy vehicles not requiring a permit may travel unrestricted while those requiring a permit must continue to comply with the conditions of their permit.


  • Improves safety
  • Reduces maintenance

Key features

  • Strengthening flyover structure. 

Current status

Construction works are still underway for the flyover structure and temporary changed traffic conditions may still be present at various times until late 2020.

Project background

Following a structural inspection it was identified that strengthening works were required on the Gateway Motorway flyover at Gympie Aterial Road, Bald Hills. For the safety of all road users heavy vehicle restrictions were in place from 1 September 2019 until 17 December 2020.

Gateway Motorway flyover restriction map

Gateway Motorway flyover restriction map