Mango Hill train station, upgrade park 'n' ride

The department has provided 280 new parking spaces at Mango Hill station.

The new park 'n' ride facility on 2 separate sites has more than double park ‘n’ ride capacity at the station by adding to the 220 existing parking spaces.

The existing informal car park next to the station was upgraded and a new parking facility was built on vacant land adjacent to this.

The project delivered significant benefits for the local community by improving road safety, road congestion and parking pressures in the surrounding suburbs.

The park 'n' ride upgrade included changes to the existing kiss 'n' ride facility by swapping the location of the existing bus stop with the kiss 'n' ride/taxi zone on Meyers Circuit. The relocated bus stop will maintain its existing length to cater for 4, 12.5m-long buses. This will make it safer and more efficient for passenger drop offs. 


  • Improves safety
  • Increases car parks
  • Reduces peak hour congestion

Key features

  • Added 280 extra parking spaces to the existing 220 parking spaces.
  • Lighting and CCTV cameras for enhanced visibility and security.
  • Landscaping to provide visual amenity.
  • Pedestrian paths to improve connectivity to and from the train station.
  • 6 accessible parking bays near the Mango Hill train station to improve access to public transport for customers with disability.
  • Relocated kiss 'n' ride/taxi zone with the bus facility on Meyers Circuit.


This project was jointly funded by the Queensland and Australian governments on a 60:40 basis. Investment ID 1777697

Total investment
$10 million
Australian Government
$4 million
Queensland Government
$6 million

Current Status

Construction was completed in April 2023.

Final design layout for park 'n' ride upgrade, including kiss 'n' ride improvements (June 2022)

Mango Hill train station, upgrade park 'n' ride - Site 1

detailed design of carpark 1

Mango Hill train station, upgrade park 'n' ride - Site 2

project site map

Aerial view of the completed Mango Hill train station park 'n' ride
Image description: Aerial view of Mango Hill Train Station park 'n' ride.