Mundubbera – Durong Road, John Peterson Bridge (Boyne River), replace bridge

The single-lane John Peterson Bridge will be replaced with a higher, safer, more flood-resistant 2-lane structure on an improved alignment.

Built in 1925, John Peterson Bridge crosses the Boyne River on Mundubbera–Durong Road, south west of Mundubbera.

The existing single-lane structure has low flood immunity. The  new bridge will be built to withstand a 1-in-100-year flood event and will maintain network connectivity on this important freight route. The new high-level and wider concrete John Peterson Bridge will be safer, more reliable, better suited to the vehicle types and volumes currently using it and require less ongoing maintenance.

John Peterson Bridge will also be built on a safer and straighter alignment of Mundubbera-Durong Road.


  • Improves safety
  • Increases capacity
  • Improves network efficiency
  • Increases traffic flow
  • Improves flood immunity
  • Contributes to economy
  • Contributes to regional growth
  • Reduces maintenance

Key features

  • The replacement eight-span concrete bridge will be located about 500m north-west of the existing bridge on a straighter and safer alignment, shortening the route by about 700m. 
  • Flood immunity will be improved to reduce the likelihood of flood related closures on Mundubbera – Durong Road.
  • The new wider bridge will include 2 lanes, meaning vehicles will no longer have to give way at the crossing.
  • Once completed, the posted speed limit on the new bridge will be 100km/h.
  • Minor safety improvements will be completed at the Beeron Road and Hawkwood Road intersections. The Mundubbera – Durong Road approaches to Hawkwood Road and Beeron Road will include widened shoulders to improve safety for vehicles turning at these intersections. 


This project is jointly funded by the Australian and Queensland governments. Investment ID 1490813 The Australian Government has committed $20 million under the Roads of Strategic Importance (ROSI) initiative and the Queensland Government has committed $5 million.

Total investment
$25 million
Australian Government
$20 million
Queensland Government
$5 million

Current status

The construction contract was awarded to Queensland Bridge and Civil (QBC) in October 2021.

Construction started in January 2022.

Project map

Project map

  1. New Mundubbera – Duong Road alignment
  2. New high-level concrete bridge
  3. Existing Boyne River bridge to be removed