New England Highway safety improvements—Stanthorpe to Ballandean

Pavement widening and resurfacing works are being delivered to improve safety and freight efficiency on the New England Highway.

Safety treatments are being constructed to reduce the risk of fatal and serious injury crashes.

Safety improvements will include widening the road, installing a wider centre line, improving the road surface, increasing signage and installing dedicated right turns at key intersections.

To improve safety on the New England Highway between Stanthorpe and Ballandean the project is being delivered as 8 work packages, including:

  • Package 1 between Quart Pot Creek and the Maryland Street roundabout at Stanthorpe.
  • Package 4 between Back Creek Road and Glen Aplin Drive at Glen Aplin.
  • Package 5 between Kerridges Road and Sutton Lane at Glen Aplin.
  • Package 7 between Fletcher and Bents roads at Ballandean.

Packages 4 and 5 began construction in July 2020 and are expected to be completed in March 2021. 

Packages 1 and 7 began construction in October 2020 and are expected to be completed in May 2021.

Package 2 at the intersection of Whiskey Gully Road, was completed in July 2018. 

Packages 3, 6 and 8 are not yet funded for construction.


  • Improves safety
  • Improves network efficiency
  • Contributes to economy
  • Contributes to regional growth
  • Reduces maintenance
  • Improves ride quality

Key features

  • Widening the existing road surface.
  • Vegetation clearing.
  • Culvert replacement and extensions.
  • Bitumen sealing.
  • Line marking.


Total investment
$19.4 million
Queensland Government
$19.4 million

Current status

We are currently undertaking construction of packages 1, 4, 5 and 7.