Northern Australia Beef Roads Program Burke Developmental Road Almaden to Chillagoe

We are progressively sealing 2 of the 4 unsealed sections on the Burke Developmental Road, between Almaden and Chillagoe, as part of the $100 million Northern Australia Beef Roads Program.

The works will be delivered in 2 packages:

  • Burke Developmental Road: Chillagoe to Almaden (Package 1)—$4.7 million for progressive sealing works
  • Burke Developmental Road; Chillagoe to Almaden (Package 2)—$2.7 million for progressive sealing works.


The works were delivered by RoadTek and Mareeba Shire Council.

Key features

The works will improve the resilience of a key cattle transportation routes in northern Australia by upgrading the road and improving safety, while reducing vehicle operating and maintenance costs.

The Northern Australia Beef Roads Program will deliver:

  • improved productivity and travel times by sealing unsealed sections of the road, resulting in higher travel speeds and reduced transport costs
  • improved accessibility and road safety
  • improved route reliability and reduced road closures during the wet season
  • reduced damage and stress to livestock by reducing road roughness and dust generation.


The works are part of the $100 million Northern Australia Beef Roads Program funded by the Australian and Queensland governments.