Palmwoods safety treatments—concept design

The department has undertaken investigations into pedestrian safety improvements on Palmwoods-Montville Road in response to concerns raised by members of the community.

To improve safety and connectivity for pedestrians, a concept design has been developed for improvements at 3 locations in the township, including:

  • an upgrade to the existing informal crossing point near the Post Office
  • an upgrade to the existing crossing point near Rick's Garage
  • a new crossing point near the Palmwoods Bakery.

These treatments will be supported by traffic calming devices, additional street lighting and warning signs.



  • Improves safety
  • Accessibility
  • Better active transport

Current status

We have developed concept designs for pedestrian improvements at 3 locations in the Palmwoods township and are seeking feedback from the community to better understand the community preferences on proposed improvements.   

Concept design

Project map

Concept design showing Palmwoods-Montville Road, with a series of pedestrian improvements and speed management treatments proposed. 

Additional info

We recognise the importance of on-street parking to local businesses, residents and visitors and have attempted to minimise impacts to car parking as much as possible. The safety of all road users is always TMR's highest priority and clear sight lines are required to ensure these treatments can operate safely.

In addition to these proposed pedestrian treatments, TMR in consultation with Sunshine Coast Council, is undertaking further investigations to assess the potential for treatments and upgrades near the Jubilee Drive and Chevallum Road intersections. Further information will be provided to the community in due course.