Palmwoods township treatments

Pedestrian safety and parking improvements are under construction on Palmwoods-Montville Road (known locally as Margaret Street) are complete.

New parking in the centre of the road, at the western end of Margaret Street will boost parking capacity. A pedestrian crossing near Rick's Garage will also ensure greater pedestrian safety.

The new configuration provides an increase of 12 car parking spaces, plus 5 motorbike spaces in the project area.


  • Improves safety
  • Accessibility
  • Better active transport
  • Increases car parks


The project was jointly funded by the Australian and Queensland governments on a 80:20 (federal:state) basis. 

Total investment
$1 million
Australian Government
Queensland Government

Current status

Construction was completed in October 2022.

Community consultation

The project is in response to community concerns about pedestrian safety and parking capacity. Two rounds of community consultation were undertaken in early and mid-2022 to identify the location of pedestrian improvements and provide feedback on concept designs. This feedback was used to help finalise the design.

As part of the project, a number of car parks were identified for removal to achieve clear sight lines and ensure the safety of all road users.

As a result of the initial consultation, the upgrade to the existing crossing point near Rick's Garage was ranked as the most beneficial to the community. The crossing replaces the existing pedestrian refuge at this location with a raised zebra crossing, known as a wombat crossing. This allows pedestrians to cross the road in 2 stages, whilst minimising traffic delays and vehicle queuing to one direction at a time.

Final design

Design showing a series of parking and pedestrian improvements, and speed management treatments on Palmwoods-Montville Road (known locally as Margaret Street)

  1. Central parking arrangement (19 spaces) on Margaret Street featuring wider than standard parking bays
  2. Minor changes to existing on-street parking to accommodate the central parking arrangement
  3. Provision for a U-turn facility, allowing westbound vehicles to travel east
  4. Raised zebra (wombat) crossing near Rick's Garage
  5. Speed management treatment at the western approach to Margaret Street
  6. Existing police excepted spaces to remain
  7. Additional street lighting to be installed