Petrie intersection upgrade

We are delivering an upgrade to the Petrie roundabout which is a major intersection providing an important connection between the suburbs of Moreton Bay region and wider transport networks.

The roundabout experiences high congestion during morning and afternoon peak periods, causing significant queuing and travel delays.

Traffic demands for this intersection are growing, with significant regional and local developments such as the University of Sunshine Coast campus and ‘The Mill at Moreton Bay’, accelerating the need for greater road capacity.

The upgrade will install a signalised T-intersection with wider approaches to help ease congestion, reduce travel time for motorists and improve safety for all road users. It will also improve connectivity between key employment, industrial, educational and residential areas in the Moreton Bay region.


  • Improves safety
  • Improves network efficiency
  • Reduces peak hour congestion
  • Reduces travel time
  • Better active transport

Key features

  • Replacing the roundabout with a signalised T-intersection.
  • Widening Anzac Avenue and Gympie Road on approach to the intersection.
  • Providing 2 signalised right-turn lanes from Anzac Avenue to Dayboro Road.
  • Installing a left-turn slip lane from Dayboro Road to Anzac Avenue.
  • Providing 2 signalised right-turn lanes from Dayboro Road to Gympie Road.
  • Installing a left-turn slip lane from Gympie Road to Dayboro Road.
  • Providing a signalised U-turn facility on Gympie Road for local access to Mill Street.
  • Access to Young Street via a U-turn for motorists travelling south on Anzac Avenue.
  • Improving pedestrian and bike-riding facilities, including on-road cycle lanes, shared footpaths and signalised crossings.


The project is funded by the Queensland Government.

Total investment
$30 million
Queensland Government
$30 million

Current status

Preliminary works started in February 2020. The construction tender is open.

Petrie intersection upgrade map: design layout

Petrie intersection upgrade map design layout