Tamborine Mountain Road, 2021 Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements reconstruction works

Following extensive damage from the South East Queensland Coastal Trough on Tamborine Mountain Road in December 2020, the Department of Transport and Main Roads has been working to repair this severely damaged area along the road known locally as the Goat Track.

Emergency works along Tamborine Mountain Road have involved removing large boulders and fallen debris at the site. 

Reconstruction works started in July 2021 and will include rock anchoring, rock catch fencing and pavement rehabilitation works. 

These measures will require specialist personnel trained in rope access construction, specialist geotechnical equipment abseiled down the cliff face and advice from consulting experts.


  • Restores damaged infrastructure
  • Contributes to economy


Eligible reconstruction works are jointly funded by the Commonwealth and Queensland Governments under the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (DRFA). Investment ID 1877300

Project map

Project map showing closed area of road

Current status

Due to the complexity of the works and continued instability and rock falls at the site, Tamborine Mountain Road will remain closed for the safety of motorists until later this year while these restoration works are undertaken.