Top Limestone Creek floodway upgrade

The project has increased the flood immunity of the Top Limestone Creek floodway.

Work was completed in September 2020 to increase the flood immunity of the Top Limestone Creek floodway, located about 45km north of Boulia.

The floodway is located on the Diamantina Developmental Road, a key transport link between Boulia and the major service centre of Mt Isa.  

The project raised the floodway by 1m and widened it by 8m, providing a more reliable and resilient road network for all motorists.

The floodway was previously prone to flooding which resulted in road closures. With no direct alternate routes available, the industries that rely on this link have experienced costly diversions.

The road closures have also isolated remote communities such as Dajarra, about 150km north of Boulia.


  • Improves safety
  • Improves flood immunity


Total investment
$1.5 million
Queensland Government
$1.5 million
Project map

Top Limestone Creek Floodway project map